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Fall Ranch Roundup: The Ins, The Outs, and The Must Knows

By November 17, 2021Ranch Roundup, News, Home page

Happy fall y’all! Okay okay, we couldn’t help ourselves—it’s just the season and we’ve been having such a great time at the ranch. Fall is such a magical time around the ranch and the weather is usually great, the leaves begin changing, school is back in session, and we have our annual Blazing Pumpkins event. 

While the mornings may be brisk, the smiles that we see on the afternoon rides through the sensory trail will warm your heart in no time. We’ve even had a few participants sing their way around the trail [inset link] because they’re having the best time! On the days that we’ve had big winds or rain, we’ve taken our participants into the big arena and worked on various drills and commands. Really, no matter the day, the weather, or the time of year, we leave the ranch feeling full of gratitude. 

If you missed our Blazing Pumpkins recap, you can find it by clicking here. The event was a big success this year; in total, we had over 600 individuals show up for the fun and to support the ranch. It’s never too early to start thinking about your 2022 costume, because we’re already planning for next year. Lastly, Blazing Pumpkins is such a big success because of our loyal friends and sponsor, Atkinsons’ Market. Each year they help us source all of the pumpkins for the schools to carve for the evening. 

Now, what’s on the horizon? You’re probably wondering! We have Thanksgiving just around the corner, as well as our fall break. We go on break from November 22 through December 3. During this time our team gets to be with family during the holiday as well as works tirelessly to make sure the arena is ready for the winter session! We also have the horses go through their bi-annual vet checks, get their new shoes, and do general maintenance around the ranch during these breaks. 

Here’s to the last week of the fall session and the successes we’ve seen this fall from our participants!