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Eligibility Requirements

The Swiftsure Ranch Therapeutic Equine Center is an Idaho 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation that offers equine-assisted activities and therapies to people with disabilities.

  • Any person diagnosed with an emotional, physical, cognitive, or behavioral challenge from age 4 years or older, is eligible to apply for enrollment in the Swiftsure programs.
  • School age children on an active IEP or 504 plan will be given priority in the schedule. If your child is on one of these plans, please send me the first page with the name of the school team working with your child and the goals page so we can support the goals through equestrian activities at Swiftsure.
  • Those participants who are not on a school plan and have been referred to the program through a licensed professional, will be required to provide a newly completed referral form annually. The referral will be reviewed by the Swiftsure team and placement in the schedule will be based on the programs ability to meet the specialist’s goals.
  • The individuals who have an unchanging diagnosis and may not see a licensed referring specialist regularly will be required to provide an annual physicians release.
  • Swiftsure has a 200 pound weight limit for all mounted activities. A program of unmounted activities will be created for those over the weight limit.
  • By the summer of 2019, every participant will be required to provide a physician’s release form annually.
  • A speech referral will no longer be a qualifying diagnosis to be placed in the therapeutic riding program but may qualify for the speech hippotherapy program at the ranch.   Please call the office if you would like more information.
  • All participants in the program will continually be reviewed by the Swiftsure team and placement in the schedule will depend on our ability to provide a safe lesson, availability of equine and staff, ability to meet goals, completed paperwork, absent or tardy history and the needs of those on the waiting list.


Cost: FREE
Days: Monday through Friday year round
Time: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Four Sessions: winter, spring, summer, fall

Lead Instructor
Lisa Scales
(208) 578-9111
(208) 788-0259 fax

Referral Requirements

All new participants must be referred by a doctor, therapist, teacher, social worker, probation department, mental health professional or other health professional.

Swiftsure will accept any new participant for whom the appropriate resources are available, including but not limited to horse, tack, equipment, instructor, volunteers, and facility, and for whom activities are not contraindicated according to Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.).  If mounted activities are not recommended, then Swiftsure may pursue unmounted activities for that new participant.

Parent or Legal Guardian Interaction

A parent or legal guardian must contact the Lead Instructor at the Swiftsure office to discuss eligibility and fill out all applicable enrollment forms. No participant may begin sessions with Swiftsure until all forms are received. The enrollment forms can be obtained following an initial conversation with the Lead Instructor. Once all enrollment forms are received, the Lead Instructor will contact the participant/parent/guardian to schedule an in-person preliminary assessment.

Preliminary Assessment

The participant and his/her parent(s) or caregiver must attend a preliminary assessment with a Swiftsure instructor. This process is in place to help Swiftsure set goals and establish the best plan possible for each individual student.  It is also at this time that precautions and contraindications to riding for particular disabilities are reviewed and discussed on an individual basis.  If no contraindications are present and Swiftsure is able to accommodate the perspective student, the Lead Instructor will communicate with the participant/parent/guardian to schedule a weekly lesson.  Should there be no available lesson times, the participant will be placed on the waiting list and will begin lessons as soon as a lesson spot becomes available.

Swiftsure reserves the right to deny or remove a participant from a session if his/her actions jeopardize the safety of the horses, staff, volunteers or him/herself.