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Our 1000 lb. Therapists

Each of Swiftsure Ranch’s therapy horses are selected, trained and cared for according to criteria developed in combination with industry standards and requirements specific to our program, activities and clientele. Hailing from all backgrounds, our horses are versatile and varied, allowing Swiftsure Ranch to accommodate our variety of participants. They are encouraged to express themselves honestly and appropriately, engaging their clients and offering an experience that transcends “horse and rider” to equal partners. They truly are the therapists in the riding sessions.

Click on a horse’s picture to learn more about them!

# 1 Moose

# 3 Hoppy

kate | therapy horse | Swiftsure Ranch

# 4 Kate

drifter | therapy horse | Swiftsure Ranch

# 5 Drifter


# 7 Buster

# 6 Tony

# 8 Dale

| therapy horse | Swiftsure Ranch

# 9 Zimmie

indy | therapy horse | Swiftsure Ranch

#10 Indy

#11 Annie Oakley

• Quickest draw in the barn • Line ‘Em Up, she’ll knock ‘em down

#12 Romeo ‘O Romeo

• A pleasure to be around • He Paints the town

#13 Patches

Lucy | therapy horse | Swiftsure Ranch

#14 Lucy

#15 Roxy

Pal | therapy horse | Swiftsure Ranch

#16 Pal

#17 Polly

Swiftsure Ranch Therapy Horse

#18 Vera

Taking care of our partners

A majority of our therapy horses came to us as a donation or were purchased with a specific contribution.  Anyone interested in donating a horse please visit our Horse Donation page for specific information about what we are looking for in prospective therapy horses.

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