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Our Programs

promoting independence, building strength and coordination, improving cognitive processing and fostering social skills.

Therapeutic Riding Programs


All Swiftsure equestrian programs fall under the Therapeutic Riding discipline.  Individuals participate in weekly riding sessions focused on learning horsemanship skills which promote independence, build strength and coordination, improve cognitive processing and foster social skills. Participants build skills and work toward practical goals such as going on a trail ride, competing in a horse show, learning to jump or learning to herd cows.  The following are therapeutic riding special programs offered to Swiftsure participants who qualify.  Please see program descriptions below for more detailed information.

Blaine County School Program

During the school year, Swiftsure provides an equine-assisted learning classroom for students in a special education program or on an individualized education program (IEP). Over 40 students from seven classrooms participate in therapeutic riding weekly, working towards their IEP goals.  Students learn complete horsemanship skills both on the ground and while mounted.

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are fantastic for riders that are just beginning their journey into EAAT (Equine-Assisted Activities & Therapies) or riders that are needing more specialized attention. For example, a rider with muscle dystrophy will need more focus on maintaining strength through strategically-planned patterns, warm ups, etc.; for this rider, an individual lesson proves to be more beneficial for their specific goals. Although riders are the only rider in the lesson, they are still reaping all the benefits of being a Swiftsure Ranch participant – socialization with staff & volunteers, confidence building, emotional care, etc.

Group Lessons

Group lessons at Swiftsure Ranch give participants the opportunity to grow themselves within a social setting. This type of environment promotes healthy social interactions, self-respect, team-based problem solving, and so much more! In these lessons, participants work on their own individual goals while also contributing to the success of their group’s goals. The focus of these goals include both riding and life skills – we’re hoping to encourage positive, safe life choices outside of the ranch through repetition of these skills.

GALLOP Program

Swiftsure fills a gap for teens with social or behavioral issues who may need direction and support in a safe, structured environment. Through work projects and team-building exercises, participants gain social interaction skills, responsibility, and accountability. Each teen establishes personal goals and pursues them in partnership with our equines. Weekly riding lessons add horsemanship skills, building confidence and self-esteem. Upon successful completion, ranch hands receive a stipend and a notable achievement to add to their resume.

Community Collaboration

Swiftsure provides equine-assisted activities for individuals participating in associated programs throughout Southern Idaho.  Participants at Camp Rainbow Gold, the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind, Higher Ground, Dreams Come True, and Boise VA Programs all have the opportunity to participate in equine-assisted activities throughout the year, either at the ranch or elsewhere in the valley.

Learn more about community collaboration.

Senior Riders & Grooming Club

In addition, we would like to thank Senior Connection and Silver Creek Assisted Living for partnering with us to bring seniors out to the ranch to experience the horses and our property in a variety of ways. We are grateful for the opportunity to touch the lives of all ages and stages of life that benefit from the human-horse connection. From our senior riders to our grooming club, we love seeing our seniors in action at the Ranch!

Other Programs

Equipment Design

Swiftsure is the forerunner in adaptive riding equipment design. This research is available to other therapeutic riding centers and individuals worldwide. Our design for western saddles adapted to help challenged individuals ride with greater independence is published in the textbook, Therapeutic Riding, Strategies for Instruction and Rehabilitation edited by Barbara Engel.

Community Service Program

Suspended or expelled Blaine County School students are referred to Swiftsure Ranch to perform community service. These students learn life skills and improve accountability in a safe, positive environment by assisting with therapeutic riding lessons and performing maintenance chores.