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Serving our Community

with riding opportunities at no cost to participants

Serving Our Community

Swiftsure is a non-profit organization that believes in collaborating with other nonprofits for the overall well-being of the community and it’s participants.  Equine therapies and activities are free of charge to all participants, including those involved with other organizations.  We appreciate those organizations that collaborate with us for the benefit of our communities in order to make them healthier and stronger.

Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind

Camp Rainbow Gold

Camp Rainbow Gold is a nonprofit organization serving Idaho children diagnosed with cancer and their families. What started in the mid-’80s as a week of camp for a handful of children diagnosed with cancer is now much, much more. Yes, Camp Rainbow Gold is still a summer oncology camp. But it’s also a sibling camp and a family camp. It’s a college scholarship program and a teen support group. It’s 365 days of making a difference in the lives of children, their families, and others who support them.

Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind

For additional information about any of the programs or services provided by the IESDB, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

The IESDB has been serving the Great State of Idaho since 1906, and is established under Section 33-3401 of Idaho Code with the purpose of providing supplemental educational services, early invention/education, consultation, and transition support to families and local school districts throughout the state of Idaho. As stated in Statute: “The goal of IESDB is to assist school districts and state agencies in providing accessibility, quality and equity to students in the state with sensory impairments through a continuum of service and placement options.”

Mission: A Continuum of Services

For all youth, birth to 21 years with hearing or vision loss, including those with other disabilities and deafblindness, in the State of Idaho:

  • The Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind is the center of educational expertise for these children, their families, and local education providers.
  • The IESDB’s residential and outreach programs provide a consortium of educational opportunities, services, and supports designed to ensure these children achieve their highest potential.

Idaho Division of Veterans Services

Idaho Veterans Affairs Commission Responsibilities

  • Advising the division administrator on utilization of funds from the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery Maintenance Fund for the purposes of operating and maintaining the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery (65-107).
  • Determining if the Idaho Division of Veterans Services is providing care and financial relief and assistance, under Division rules, as reasonably required by disabled or destitute servicemen and servicewomen and their dependents (65-202).
  • Authorizing the Division Administrator to prescribe the qualifications of all personnel on a nonpartisan merit basis in accordance with the Idaho personnel system law for employment of personnel in veterans homes (65-202).
  • Assuring that aid or assistance provided to any honorably discharged veteran or his or her dependents is not duplicated in any manner by any other agency or organization and, if such aid is duplicated, then deny rendering of such aid (65-203).
  • Advising the Administrator of the Idaho Division of Veterans Services in the adoption of rules and employing such assistants as it may deem advisable (65-204).
  • Appointing the Administrator of the Idaho Division of Veterans Services as Executive Secretary, if desired (65-204).
  • Certifying to the Idaho State Board of Examiners all sums to be expended by the Commission in carrying out the purposes of Chapter 2, Title 65, Idaho Code (65-205).
  • Advising the Division Administrator in the establishment of appropriate admissions criteria for the Idaho State Veterans Homes (66-907).
  • Advising the Division Administrator in the establishment of charges for residence in the Idaho State Veterans Homes in those cases where residents have available resources for this purpose (66-907).
  • Advising the Division Administrator in the administration of the provisions of Chapter 2, Title 65, Idaho Code, and Chapter 9, Title 66, Idaho Code (67-2601).
  • As a part of the Idaho Veterans Recognition Fund Committee, annually preparing a recommendation in the form of an allocation plan to the Governor and the Legislature on how to spend the available funds in the Idaho Veterans Recognition Income Fund.  (65-705)

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