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Welcome Annie!

By February 7, 2023News, Home page
Welcome Annie


Annie—also known as Annie Oakley—is a dun quarter pony that has a heart as big as a Clydesdale. In her lifetime, Annie has had a variety of jobs that range from gathering cattle, jumping, playdays, to eventing. She even a member of the EhCapa Bareback Riders team. Annie loves to have a job and will do just about anything that we ask of her. She’s kind and lovable, and we know without a doubt you will love her too!

Annie was purchased by Swiftsure from Emmett, Idaho, which was made possible due to the generosity of St. Luke’s Wood River Foundation. We are thrilled to add her to the herd and we know she’ll make a big impact with our participants in no time. Stay tuned to see Annie’s journey at Swiftsure as she transitions into her new life as a therapy horse.

Annie Intro