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Swiftsure Ranch: Fall 2020 Ranch Round-Up

By October 26, 2020News, Home page, Volunteers

Wow, we’re already closing out another month here at the ranch! This fall has been one of many successes. We’ve touched on it before, but with the current pandemic that we’re in, we’re seeing the most significant demand yet for our services. It’s an honor that we can be of assistance to so many. Let’s talk about what this fall has looked like, as well as where we’re heading as winter rolls in.

First, our herd went through their bi-annual checkups. Twice a year, Dr. Erin Crawford of Sawtooth Equine Services comes to the ranch for a full evaluation of our horses. Think of this as your annual checkup plus your dental cleaning combined into one. By having the checkups bi-annually,  we catch any potential issues early and take measures to get ahead of them. The overall health of the herd is a top priority for us so that they can continue to serve our participants. So, in their fall evaluations, the horses received a complete “physical,” as well as seasonal vaccinations, dental checkups and other regular maintenance.

Following their checkups, we sat down with Dr. Crawford to hear what she had to say about the horses. “The horses are really looking great right now. I’m very pleased with their overall health” she reported. We love hearing this since ultimately, we wouldn’t be capable of what we’re doing without a healthy herd. Dr. Crawford also noted that they’re getting the proper amount of regular exercise—which makes their work with the participants easier, their diets are great, and their muscle and weight ratios are spot on. 

Our take-away from the fall ranch health assessment— we’re very pleased with Dr. Crawford’s report! 

Lastly, as we continue to see COVID-19 numbers increase in Blaine County, we’ve asked all of our participants, their families, and those they interact with to continue to be vigilant. Your health, our staff’s health, and the health of our community are of utmost importance. Click here to read our friendly reminder.

As always, a big thank you to our donors, our GEMs (Giving Every Month club), our volunteers, and all of those who support the work we do here at Swiftsure Ranch.

We love hearing from our participants and it’s letters like this that make our hearts sing.