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Swiftsure GEMs: The Star of the Show

By March 1, 2022News, Home page

Wondering what it means to be a GEM? Join us on March 9, 2022, at 1 PM, for a ringside view of Jeffrey’s lesson, hearty snacks, and an opportunity to learn more about our family of GEMs. All are welcome. 

We’ve just passed our one-year anniversary since launching our Swiftsure GEMs (Giving Every Month) program and we’re loving the progress we’re seeing. If you’re new around here or unsure of what it means to be a Swiftsure GEM, we’ll gladly share. As a Swiftsure GEM, your affordable monthly investment enables us to plan and invest in our work, improve and expand our programs, and innovate to provide the largest possible impact. Monthly monetary gifts allow our team to make focused decisions and invest in our mission, our team, and our future. 

Our programs matter! Your support makes an impact.

Our participant with Parkinson’s disease explains it best: “What I enjoy most about my horseback riding lesson is the sense of camaraderie with the people on my team. The instructors and volunteers are of the highest caliber. They are thoughtful and intelligent and provide me with a feeling of confidence and comfort. People with Parkinson’s have a tendency to get depressed, so the social aspect of my lesson is the most important to me. I also find that horseback riding helps improve my balance. I have noticed that since starting to ride two years ago, I have had an easier time walking around.” — Therapeutic riding student with Parkinson’s disease 

If you’re feeling connected to our mission and want to make an impact in the daily lives of our participants, now is a great opportunity to do so. GEMs are invited to the ranch on a quarterly basis for an exclusive event. These events range from cocktail parties to herd meet-and-greets, private luncheons with the opportunity to see the ranch in action, to an evening of mingling with other GEMs. We invite you to become a member this month and join us on March 9 for the first GEMs event of 2022!

Ready to become a GEM? You can sign up by clicking here and helping us secure a guaranteed monthly donation. If you have questions or if you’d like to chat with our executive director, Paul Bennett, about the GEMs opportunity, you can send Paul an email here, or give the ranch a call! 

Finally, to those who’ve been dedicated members for the past year – THANK YOU! Your support truly makes a difference for us!