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Swiftsure Derby: A race for Strength, Freedom, and Connection.

By June 26, 2020July 8th, 2020News, Events, Home page

It's a race.

A pony up race.

(we know you know what that means)

The virtual “horse race” kicks off July 9th. Similar to our previous pony up events at the Cowboy ball we are ponying up to get your favorite horse to the finish line first. The Swiftsure Derby will run all the way up to this year’s virtual (with a twist) Cowboy Ball on August, 27th. From this event, we’ll announce the winner!

So, get ready, and let’s make sure your favorite horse is first to the finish line!

More details to come on how to donate and make sure your horse wins. Each donation gets your horse a little closer to the finish line.

Will you be in the front? Yes, there are prizes!