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Ranch Roundup: Summer 2021 Edition

By July 20, 2021Home page

Mid-July has come and gone. The Cowboy Ball has passed, and we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming around the ranch. Honestly, it’s hard to believe we’re halfway through the warmest months of the year. With that, let’s jump right in.

First, to those who attended—in person or virtually—or those who generously donated, we are so grateful for you. This year we were unsure of what to expect, given current circumstances with the pandemic. With COVID still so unknown during our initial planning stages, it was hard to gauge who would feel comfortable enough to attend. At times, it felt like we were planning for too many people, then it shifted to feeling like we weren’t planning for enough. But, we thankfully made it through the challenges and had a very successful 30th annual Cowboy Ball. The success would have not been made possible without the generosity of YOU and those who deeply believe in the power of Equine Therapy. For that, we are eternally grateful.

If you were not in attendance at the ball, take a moment to watch our story:

Truly, no matter how many times we watch this clip, we end up with tears in our eyes. The impacts made at the ranch are so moving. They truly encompass Strength, Freedom, and Connection. 

As we look ahead for what’s to come, we are working hard to bring our Veterans program back with enriched programming. Our Executive Director, Paul Bennett, has recently been certified as a carriage driver from PATH International. With the addition of an ADA carriage driving to our repertoire, we are looking to evolve our programs in ways that we have never imagined. We are thrilled to show our participants and supporters how this will unravel at the ranch.

With summer sessions resumed post-Cowboy Ball, we want to extend the reminder of health and safety. Please continue to wash hands, be mindful during social interactions, and if you’re feeling under the weather, please stay home for your safety and ours. The health of our staff, volunteers, and participants is critical to the services that we offer. 

Finally, if you have any interest in touring the ranch, please contact us here. We’d love to show you the power of this majestic place, how the impacts reach those beyond the arena, and the immediate gratitude our participants feel upon arrival. Please give us a call or reply to this email and request your private tour. 

Until next time!

With heartfelt gratitude,

The Swiftsure Crew