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Ranch Round Up

By May 6, 2020News, Home page

Jumping, jumping and Stretching

Another week underway and things are not slowing down too much here at the ranch. While we still are not able to see our participants in person, we have had the opportunity for virtual practice, talk about cool.

Our virtual practices are held on ZOOM which, many of you know, has become a powerful tool. This past week we worked on body position and balance with various participants. while it is a remote practice, equine therapy provides a tremendous impact even when it’s virtual.

Here’s what we heard from one of our participant’s mom:

She got up at 7 and did all of her homework so she could ZOOM at 10! She is literally floating she is so happy! When she hung up, she started jumping <3.

In addition to our virtual practices, we have been working on day-to-day tasks with our horses. Monday morning started out working with a desensitizing game, jump rope with the lead rope. It’s amazing to watch the horses remain completely still and only respond when asked to do so.

We have also been working on mobility with the horses. Just like with you and me, stretching is key to remain limber and agile. Kate loves her morning carrot stretches, enjoy watching at the “gym” clicking here.

Now, back to the ranch we go to lose our mind and find our soul. Keep sharing your videos, photos, notes, and memories with us, hearing from you means the world to us.