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Pal, your spokes-horse of the year!

By September 15, 2020News, Home page

Pal, if you’re not aware of Pal, we’re not sure where you’ve been. He took the lead from the backstretch of the Swiftsure Derby and never looked back! Pal has clearly made an impression in many lives and made a big dent in the Derby goal, which resulted in a spa day for him.

As the winner of the Swiftsure Derby, for the next year he will be our spokesperson. Ahh, no, no, no, spokes-horse. So, we’d like you to become acquainted with him.

PalPal was purchased from a rancher in southern Idaho on a good ‘ol handshake. He has a familiar vulnerability to many of our participants, which makes him very “human” and relatable. Pal is willing, kind, and capable in his lessons. Born in 2000, he is an American Mustang and stands at 15.2 hands tall. By the way, a hand equals 4 inches if you didn’t already know that. While we do not know too much about his former life, we know that he’s been a great addition to the ranch and our programs for the last nine years.

The real question is, will Pal be our spokes-horse for the next few years? Or will there be another surprise winner out of the Swiftsure Derby next year? Either way, we hope that you enjoy your year with Pal as the spokes-horse for Swiftsure Ranch. Please keep an eye out for any emails coming from Pal and add him to your safe list. Emails will include newsletters, updates, and more. His email is; go ahead and save that into your addresses! And, if you or someone you know would like to send him any mail, just use the email address above, and he will respond as soon as he can. 

All righty, happy fall, and happy riding!