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October Awareness

By October 26, 2022October 28th, 2022News, Home page

We’ve officially turned the page. Fall is here, and we’re in the final week of October. This brings us to highlighting some areas of participant awareness that we should all know about, as we serve many of these individuals week in and week out. 

October brings us a month full of awareness—of ADHD, Breast Cancer, Bullying Prevention, Down Syndrome, and many other physical and mental health challenges. At the ranch, we have the wonderful opportunity to provide a place of healing, safety, connection, and strength for participants that struggle on a day-to-day basis from any of these diagnoses. 

As the pandemic arose, we saw a greater need for service to those with anxiety and/or those being bullied. Many were put in odd positions: If they wore a mask, they were bullied and judged; if they went without a mask, the same thing would happen. We’ve been here for those participants, our herd has been here for those participants, and we will all continue to be here for those participants. 

Swiftsure partners with many of our local schools to assist students with ADHD, or similar challenges. The time spent in their lesson, connecting with their horse, provides an outlet for that extra energy and/or anxiety. We’ve heard time and time again that when the students arrive back to their classrooms, they’re much more focused and teachers see a greater level of success from the students after their time at the ranch. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Whether we see a participant going through treatment or a participant with a family member going through treatment, we, too, are often touched. We see the anxiety these diagnoses cause; we see firsthand the impact our herd plays on those navigating their treatment. Whether it’s connecting during the ride and relieving the stress they arrived with, or if it’s building strength back as a participant goes through treatment, we’re honored to be here for those in need. With that said, this is your friendly reminder to encourage a loved one to get checked! 

October, and the fall season, should make all of us aware of conversations we should be having throughout the year. So, join us in keeping the conversations going, and if you’d like more information on the services that Swiftsure provides, click here or give us a call at (208) 578-9111.