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Importance of our Volunteers

By September 21, 2020Home page, Volunteers

Now that we are nearing full swing, we’d like to take a step back and acknowledge a few folks that are the very reason we can accomplish so much. 

Our programming only works when we have dedicated and consistent volunteers. Our instructors rely on our volunteers to do their job well, and we are lucky to have an amazing and committed group of folks that care as much as we do. 

The need for our services has intensified with COVID, and our participants need us more than ever. We’re so grateful that we can provide a sense of continuity and normalcy in times that cause great anxiety and insecurity.

Our volunteers are assigned to an intense set of guidelines so that when participants arrive, they are coming “home,” so to speak. Not only is it an essential element of successful programming to provide consistency, but it is also part of our COVID safe protocols by reducing the potential of cross-contamination.

Every instructor is paired with volunteers. They then work as a single unit to ensure the comfort and safety of our participants and our horses.

Volunteer need depends on the participant. For example, school groups have a horse handler for each participant, and some have a side walker if needed. Here at the ranch, we enjoy having our volunteers to help support the horses while allowing the participants to feel more comfortable until they gain more confidence of their own. Ultimately our volunteers bring value through support, comfort, kindness, friendships, and helping others as an example.

For more information on Swiftsure Ranch, you can visit our about page, and if you’d like to learn more about volunteering at the ranch, you can do so by clicking here.