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Giddy Up & Give, The Launch!

By April 14, 2015Fundraisers

We’ve combined the Swiftsure Ranch ‘Triple Crown fundraiser’ with Idaho Gives for one fun, easy and powerful event – GIDDY UP & GIVE!

This is a great opportunity to get involved with our state wide nonprofit support and continue to serve our community with equine facilitated activities & therapies.

We started the Triple Crown fundraiser 2 years and raised $25K the first year and $10K the second. Part of what made the campaign successful was all the word of mouth fundraising. We had participants sitting in front of stores soliciting support for their riding lessons and volunteers were asking all their family members to participate. The second year the number of donations fell because of the hesitation people had to hit up their friends and family a second time.

This year we’re hoping that having an online platform for giving will make it easier to give and ask. As anyone who has been involved in nonprofit knows, raising funds is always the most important and can be the hardest part! It’s also what makes nonprofits magical and sets them apart from the for-profit sector. Nonprofits are about THE PEOPLE. Hey, if we could do it alone and still offer therapeutic riding, we would. It would make life easier imagining we only exist on an island. But the truth is we are much better having you on board with us! Every year we ask you to meet us on the trail, and every year we are gratefully surprised by your gifts!

YOU, OUR GIVERS, make it possible to offer such incredible opportunities to a population of people that, frankly, many may not consider. Especially in such a beautiful valley as the Wood River in Idaho, outdoor activity is abundant! Still, our participants are sometimes limited by what is available to them here. We are working to change that by growing our riding program, offering specialized and diverse equine therapy, such as Equine Facilitated Learning and Psychotherapy, Veteran camps and programs and other fun outdoor activities and therapies.

Our riders want to be seen, loved and understood, just like anyone else does. The beauty is that our horses do this best with their unconditional demeanor. That’s why with your gifts, you’re not only providing awesome programs for our riders, you are also essentially advocating for the equal health and well being of our riders.

So- here it is. The big ask! The bridge that brings us together for an incredible cause. Will you join us on the trail? Will you Giddy up & Give to Swiftsure Ranch?

Check out our Idaho Gives page at