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Generous Donation from the Houston Family Foundation

By December 22, 2014Uncategorized

Dec. 16, 2014, Swiftsure Ranch – The Houston Family Foundation made a generous donation to Swiftsure Ranch to support new future riders who would benefit from equine therapies and activities. Two of the family members, John and Bob Houston, arrived last Tuesday, Dec. 16, to present us with their gift and meet some of our staff, riders and horses. Houston Family DonationAfter taking a tour of the facility, including the new accessible campground near the Big Wood River, a photo was taken of the Houston brothers, Swiftsure Ranch riders, staff and our dear horse, Patches.

We want to thank the Houston Family for their generosity and their visit to Swiftsure Ranch. What a great Holiday Gift and end of year surprise! We appreciate the donations offered that allow us to keep the smiles on the faces of all who visit, ride and work at Swiftsure Ranch. We are building up our community one, or three lesson at a time! We hope to continue doing so for years to come. Houston Family, you’ve made this mission possible! Thank you!