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Fall Ranch Round-Up: The Leaves are Changing – The Air is Crisp

By October 28, 2022News, Home page

Whoa, let’s talk about this October. We had the BEST weather you could ever imagine. The majority of the month was packed with 70-degree days, crisp mornings, leaves changing, and blue sky. It doesn’t get much better than that. We’ve had the best time with our participants this fall, too. Beautiful weather always brings smiling faces and healthy, happy moods! And, let’s not forget Blazing Pumpkins, now dubbed the premier family event of the fall. 

While the mornings may be a bit crisp, the smiles that we see in the afternoons match the warmth of the day and the warmth in our hearts! We’ve had a few participants have such a great time that they sang their way around the sensory trail. This fall, we also had the opportunity to enjoy working with a handful of participants in our ADA carriage. Iit’s been a welcome experience for these participants to get outside, enjoy the nice weather, and disconnect from their day-to-day lives. 

Blazing Pumpkins—our favorite events of the fall. This event welcomes the public to play at the ranch and kicks off the Halloween spirit. If you missed our Blazing Pumpkins recap, you can find it here. The event was a big success. In total, we had well over 600 individuals show up for the hundreds and hundreds of blazing jack-o-lanterns, live music, face painting, haunted forest and more. A great time was had by all who attended. Remember, it’s never too late to start thinking about your 2023 costume—did someone say costume contest next year? 

Lastly, thank you to Atkinsons’ Market, our loyal sponsors of this event. Atkinsons’ plays a major role in Blazing Pumpkins’ success, each year helping us source all of the pumpkins for the schools to carve that line our haunted forest. 

Now, what’s on the horizon for next month? 

Fall season wraps up 

We will be closed the following dates:

  • November 11 for Veterans Day
  • Fall break / Thanksgiving November 21–December 4

During this time, our team gets busy with necessary ranch maintenance, like working on the kickboards in the main arena, cleaning up around the ranch, giving the herd a little TLC and enjoying the holiday ourselves. 

Here’s to closing out the last couple of months of the year!