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Equine Therapy helps Veteran Lt. Pete Scobell with PTS

By March 5, 2015September 3rd, 2015Therapy

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Lt. Pete Scobell has taken us by heart with his tribute song, ‘Hearts I Leave Behind,’ dedicated to fallen comrade, Chris Kyle, and the many other Veterans who have been affected by war.

After serving over 12 years as an elite Navy Seal, including dangerous missions like the real life rescue of Captain Phillips,  Lt. Pete Scobell struggled to hold his life together. He found support and relief with the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, and their treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress with Equine Therapy camps for Veterans and their families.

Since 2011 Swiftsure Ranch has served over 75 Veterans and their families and we are expanding our Veteran Equine Therapy programs. Our Incredible instructors have seen the dramatic changes that occur through Equine Therapy and the affect it has on Veterans struggling with PTS and TBI.

As a prey animal, horses have a sixth sense for micro gestures and emotions. Their responses directly correlate to the minute movements of those around them. They are also a pack animal, so finding calm and peace amongst the group has high priority for them since the pack is another way for them to feel safe and secure. The characteristics of the therapy horse parallel a Veterans experience with TBI and PTS. Both pick up on subtle endangering cues, and are looking to find calm amongst their pack.

We are extremely grateful to the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund and their use of Equine Therapy to support our Veterans. We’d like to thank Lt. Scobell for sharing his experiences with the world through his music and his tireless efforts to bring awareness and support to all Veterans.

If you would like more information about our Veteran Equine Therapy programs, or would like to support Swiftsure Ranch in providing more opportunities for Equine Therapy to our Veterans, please contact us at 208-578-9111, or email

Lacey L.H, PR Coordinator Swiftsure Ranch