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Dedicated Life Changer

By October 27, 2015April 19th, 2020Volunteers

At Swiftsure

one can fly

without wings.

Swiftsure lifts people from their wheelchair to the back of a horse, where they can look down on the world instead of always up. Swiftsure allows people battling a disease to forget their struggle for that one hour that they commune with their horse. Swiftsure enables a young girl without the use of her arms to use adaptive reins and ride the horse without assistance. Swiftsure soothes the souls of veterans. Swiftsure provides horses that are gentle giants, an incredible staff of instructors and volunteers that help even the most timid to feel safe and loved. Miracles happen everyday at Swiftsure. I am honored to be part of such a special place.

Gail, Swiftsure Volunteer