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Cowboy Ball 25th Anniversary

By July 12, 2016April 5th, 2017Uncategorized

We want to thank everyone that made the Cowboy Ball 25th Anniversary shine like a diamond! Over 60% of Swiftsure Ranch’s operating budget comes from the funds raised at the Cowboy Ball. Which means we can continue to encourage the well-being of our riders through equine assisted therapies and activities at NO CHARGE to the rider! This wouldn’t be possible without the special service and generosity of the incredible people list below. THANK YOU!

A.C. Houston Lumber
Brian Ahern – Vittles
Arno Chocolate
Gwynn and Mitch August
Brent Barsotti
Brian Barsotti
Kathy Benjamin
Leslie Benz
Kate and Andy Berman
Julie Blinco, Tula’s Massage
Elizabeth and Jack Bunce
Candida Burnap
Scoti Carden
Beth Chioda
Cimino Family
Cindy Kirk Designs
CK’s Restaurant
Coffee Corner
Tom Crais M.D.
Judy Davison
Lee Everitt
Far & Away Adventures/Middle Fork River Company
Final Touch Nail Salon
Friend of Swiftsure
Grumpy’s Mobile Catering
Sandi Hagel
Hailey Coffee Co.
Brook Hoovey
Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch
Images Eyes Optical
Jersey Girl
Kristy Johansen
Gina Knox and Richard Mull
Kristy Johanson
Gail Kearns
Keaton Sturges Productions
Leslie St. Laurent
Ann Leonardo
Luminescence Skin & Body
L.T. Denny
Mackay River Company
Susan Mahoney
Stephanie Marquis
Ann and Scott Mason
George Maurtua
Mari and Gary McStay – McStay Ranch
Kerri Melynn
John Miller – Baston del Ray Tequilas
Jo Moncrieff
Jacob Neufeld
Esther and Michael Ochsman
Bing and Carolyn Oldum
Shannon Orr
Tim Orr -Helicopter Resources
Brenda Powell
Reinstein Ross Goldsmiths
Resource Salon – Laura Curd
Lee Ritzau
Allison Rosen
Sawtooth Equine Service
Sharon and Bill Shubin
Silver Creek Outfitters
Erin Smith and Lenny Barshack
Tifany Stewart
Diana and Steve Strandberg
Lauren Street
Sun Valley Auto Club
Swiftsure Ranch
Teri and Sandor Szombathy
The Carlyle
The Grill at Knob Hill
The Sun Valley Company
The Valley Club
Third Floor Salon – Alyssa
Three Monkey Salon – Jill Farrow
Peggy and Parry Thomas
Barbara Thrasher and Rick Koffey
Jennifer Tyrer
Valley Wide Cooperative
Linda Van Der Meulen
Penny and Richard Weiss
Whiskey Jacques
Judy Whitmyre
Marji and Woody Woodward

Maria Acosta

Dori Adams
Lisa Avison
Janet Becht
Payson Bennett
Bodie Bennett
Cheryl Bennett
Tim Bennett
George Berni
Gretchen Berni
Leslie Benz
Jonathan Blacher
Hugh Blue
Cyndi Bradshaw
Riley Bradshaw
Libby Breshears
Stacey Brew
Elizabeth Bunce
Christina Calvert
Beth Chandler
Eve Chase
Ben Chidlaw
Carly Ching
Nicole Ching
Nathan Ching
Brad  Chinn
Marc Corney
Caroline Dayton
James Dean
Barbara Dembergh
Erin  Downey
Jill Farrow
Pam Feld
Chris Flanigan
Terry Fowler
Rita Golleher
Jennifer Goitiandia
Betty Grant
Judy Grigsby
Lori Hansen
Jay Harmening
Makayla Harmening
Ali Heazle
Sue Henry
Lacey Heward
Mary Hogan
Lisa Hughes
Teresa Hukari
Dalonna Hurd
Carey Hurd
Tyler Jaramillo
Steve Jasso
Susan Jesser
Randi  Kanellitsas
Lynn Kaplan
Gail Kearns
Terry LaFrance
Ann Leonardo
Harlee Manning
Stephanie Marquis
George Martin
Gavin McDonald
John McDonald
Casey McGehee
Faith Mckee
Mary Mills
Gay Miremont
Dina Mitma
Michelle Morales
Jeanne Mowlds
Kim Nalen
Kris Nast
Tara Nejezchleba
Esther Ochsman
Robert Olson
Chris Orr
Ally Orr
Shannon Orr
Jim Paisley
Grant Peter
Ken Pierce
Brittany Pieschi
Mike Porter
Charlie Porter
Scott Porter
Bill Postelwait
Joyce Pratt
Joy Prudek
Sarah Rau
Mary  Reagle
Peggy Richards
Lee Ritzau
Sabrina Roblins
Andrea Roche
Andy Ruiz
Jennifer Ruiz
Maria Ruiz
Teresa Ruiz
Robbie Sawyer
Lisa Scales
Ripley Scales
Jay Sfingi
Karen Sherrerd
Bill Sherrerd
Rebecca Shupe
Mia Smith
Brittney Snyder
Pete Stephenson
Megan Stevensen
Apsen Stinemates
Susan Stommel
Judy Sweeny
Jeffra Syms
Teri Szombathy
Ben Thompson
Lacie Thompson
Jeannie Tupper
Ray Vadalma
John Vladimiroff
Wanda Vladimiroff
Barb Wentzel
Penny Weiss
Richard Weiss
Tim White
Ann Marie Wick
Peter Wick
Mary Williams
Kristy Wood
Marji Woodward
Merrily Wright


Jeff Anderton Esobuilt

Margie and Mark Balcos

Chris Bender S&C Importers

Leslie Benz

Bigwood Bread

Stacie Brew

Elizabeth Bunce

Craig Campbell

Sound Wave

Clear Creek Disposal

Coldwell Bankers

Distinctive Properties

Copy & Print

Davinci’s Restaurant

David Fox Silver Fox Catering

Dusty Simpson Dusty’s Electric

and Tyler Chavez

 Nancy Glick
Jay Harmening
Steve Heidel
Tish and Tom Jochums

Rick Koffey

Teresa Lipman Senior Connection

John Miller, Baston del Ray/Global Spirits LLC

Mountain Tour Ice

Mull, Schlep & Whittle Event Design

Candice and Barry Peterson

Peggy Richards

Barbara Thrasher

Caroline Woodham

Craig Spiller

Sun Valley Wine Co.

Susan Witman

Penny and Richard Weiss

Craig Wolfrom Photography

* We apologize in advance if we forgot to list anyone or spelled anyone’s name wrong. We promise it wasn’t intentional. If we did, please let us know here, or email, so we can make corrections and make sure to recognize every one of our superstars! Again, thank you.