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A Heart Warming Christamas Gift to Swiftsure Ranch

By December 25, 2014Uncategorized

Swiftsure Ranch Equine Center

Swiftsure Ranch Equine Center, with horses that roam,

Helps people of all ages, the theme of this poem.

With lessons each day from the staff and volunteers,

Encouraging their riders throughout the years.


The horses are led through exercise routines

While the riders are taught through various means.

They learn proper handling and many techniques,

That will serve them well over their many weeks.


When out in the field, a mama moose and her calf

Studied the horses and soon, ran off with a laugh.

Kristy, students and crew, circled around,

But the moose where gone, and could not be found.


The hay in the stalls, and the saddles all tacked

Brushes and combs, in their boxes put back.

Cheryl locked the barn doors and Tim hung up his hat,

But still watching for dinner was Beast, the cat.


As the sun begins to rise on each brand new day,

The horses start to stir with many a neigh.

They’re fed hay and oats, and carrots for a treat,

Each one anticipating the students they’ll meet.


There’s Trigger and Tia and Chile and Casey

With Patches and Noodle and Hoolie and Henry.

Ben, Blaze, Vic, our friend Pal, Kate’s Joy and least of all

There is Stuart Little so white and so small.


But we can’t forget Sidney, “Equine of the Year”

Who was sought from so many, the choice was clear.

One in a thousand, a rare sort of treasure

Giving riders prancing, moments of pleasure.


The students can ride on the Sensory Trail

Stopping to rest by the water wheel and pail.

Edible plants and herbs surround Cally’s trough

While gold fish surface in the water’s froth.


Chicken Run is one trail students love to ride

Having Lindsay, Lisa, Brienne or Pete by their side

Meghan and Brittany might team up with Lynn or Kate,

Mimi, Caroline, Dina, Jeanne or Judy will wait.


The schedule changes as seasons go by

Winter, spring, summer, fall, my the time does fly.

Instructors and riders change as well as the mounts,

It’s the quality of learning that really counts!


Rodeo and Stampede where students can stand tall

Funded by donors from the yearly Cowboy Ball.

Andrea coordinates and sets up the events

Now she has Lacy’s help and both show competence.


Others who have important jobs, need mention here

Bill, Salvador, Robert, Booga who are always near

Stephanie helps direct the planting with grace,

Tomatoes, carrots and flowers grow in place.


Hugh had a ski accident at the end of last year

Broke his collar bone and ribs, that made him tear.

It happened again riding a horse that bucked high

Hope he comes back soon; he is such a great guy!!


Caroline the photographer does amazing work,

Capturing horses and riders, never using a quirt

The best have been cinched up on the waiting room wall.

Giant photos mounted, to be viewed by all.


Other groups have been rounded up, for therapy

Boise VA and Camp Rainbow Gold kids shout whoopee!

Collaboration with many a district school

Higher Ground in the saddle, riding is their tool.


Leslie the leader of the Board of Directors,

Works the ranch hard to be the disabled’s protectors

Through the gentle horses’, love, trust and loyalty

Each person is treated like they’re royalty.


May this Christmas poem be a gift from the heart,

With gratitude beyond measure, I will depart.

Our family will forever give thanks and sing

How you have helped Dominik “to fly without wings.”

-Sue Bashista 2014