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“Can do”

By October 8, 2012Testimonials

“When I was new to the Valley and seeking out activities in which I could participate due the physical challenges of multiple sclerosis, I was fortunate to find my way to Sagebrush.  As an adult with MS, I continually struggle with a sense of loss— specifically the loss of my ability to do things from which I once got much enjoyment and satisfaction. In shifting my focus from the things I can no longer do to the things I can do, adding horseback riding to my “can do” list was very exciting.

When people ask me about my experience with therapeutic riding, I tell them it’s good for the body and even better for the soul. The physical benefits one derives from riding are many:  better balance, improved core strength, and greater flexibility. But for me, the emotional benefit is important, too. The time I spend at the ranch leaves me with an acceptance of what is and the strength to face whatever challenges lie ahead.”