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Swiftsure Announces GEMs Community – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

By February 11, 2021February 13th, 2021Home page

A community of giving to provide strength, freedom, and connection.

Bellevue, Idaho: Swiftsure Ranch announces the Swiftsure GEMs Community, new to Swiftsure this year. The family of Swiftsure GEMs (Giving Every Month) is a passionate and determined group of monthly investors from all over the world who care deeply about making a difference in the lives of our participants.

As a Swiftsure GEM, your affordable monthly investment enables us to invest in our work, improve and expand our programs, and innovate to provide the largest possible impact. Monthly gifts allow our team to make focused decisions and invest in our future, our mission, and our team. 

Why do our programs matter? Our participants explain it best: “What I enjoy most about my horseback riding lesson is the sense of camaraderie with the people on my team. The instructors and volunteers are of the highest caliber. They are thoughtful and intelligent and provide me with a feeling of confidence and comfort. People with Parkinson’s have a tendency to get depressed, so the social aspect of my lesson is the most important to me. I also find that horseback riding helps improve my balance. I have noticed that since starting to ride two years ago, I have had an easier time walking around.” — Therapeutic riding student with Parkinson’s disease 

“The feeling upon leaving—leaving I always felt better than when I arrived even if there was struggle and frustration with my lesson, or I couldn’t perform the way I wanted. Ultimately, it didn’t really matter. Just showing up and having the experience was more than worth the effort to get there.” — Teresa Hukari, C4 spinal injury participant

“There is a lot of therapeutic power in working with these massively majestic animals. They mirror you and reflect what you’re feeling, therefore you can better understand yourself just by spending time with the horses.” — Emilee Mae Struss, volunteer

Monthly investments mean low administration costs, which means that more of your money goes to where it’s needed most—to serving our participants and our community.

About Swiftsure Ranch: Sitting on 191 acres at the base of the Sawtooth Mountain Range, Swiftsure Ranch Therapeutic Equestrian Center is a nonprofit 501(c)3 with a special mission to encourage the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of children and adults with disabilities through equine-assisted services.

84 riders come to Swiftsure Ranch each week to participate in equine-assisted activities to gain the skills needed to adapt to the world around them. This means that lessons are adapted to their unique physical, mental, and/or emotional needs. Riding can build character, confidence, and self-esteem, as well as give them opportunities to access the outdoors and recreation.

With your monthly investment,

no matter what you can give, or where you live,

you can make an impact.

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