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Summer Guests; An extra couple of hands around the ranch

By July 2, 2020News, Home page

Summer Guests; An extra couple of hands around the ranch

We are thrilled to introduce a couple of new summer team members to Swiftsure. Amber and Charolette are two 17-year-old ladies from Los Angeles. Both having vast knowledge with horses are certainly going to be great added hands on the ranch this summer.

When we asked Amber why she had such an interest in being a part of Swiftsure this summer she answered with the following. “Well, I’ve been riding for my whole life, like competing too. And I’ve always been interested in PATH programs. In my hometown we have like a similar program like here at Swiftsure, and like it’s called AHEAD with Horses. I’ve always wanted to do be a part of the organization in some capacity, but I’ve never really gotten the opportunity. I have also really enjoyed giving back and giving back in the equestrian community is even more impactful to me. Growing up around horses and regularly riding I know how much they’ve changed my mine life and how they can enhance other people’s lives in a major way.”

When we chatted with Charlotte, we asked her the same thing, why she was interested in being involved with Swiftsure for the summer. She responded with the following. “So I’ve also been riding my entire life as well. Horses always been a passion of mine and they’ve always brought like so much joy and happiness and it’s such a blessing to have them in our lives. So to be able to work with a program like this and share those feelings and that happiness is something that’s amazing. I was really drawn to the aspect of helping others within the equestrian community and sharing the privilege of using horses. What is here at Swiftsure is so perfect.”

We can promise y’all this is not the last time you’ll be hearing from Amber and Charolette and they spend the summer with the Swiftsure team. These ladies are going to make an impact in our horses lives and participants lives, and we cannot wait to see that unfold.