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Summer, 2016

Dear Swiftsure Supporter,

The board of Directors of Swiftsure Ranch Therapeutic Equestrian Center (“SR”) has been developing a master plan for the property since its purchase in 2011, beginning with the necessary restoration to bring the facility to safe and functional standards. That initial work, which allowed the ranch to open its doors to hundreds of riders, was made possible by donations from the SR community totaling approximately $300,000. once those improvements were completed, the Board of Directors developed a multi-phase capital campaign to build a new coverd 120′ x 240′ arena. Phase I of the Campaign for Swiftsure raised $486,000 to fund the outdoor arena and its roof, designed with the capability of being enclosed at a future date. This Phase I arena was successfully completed in 2014 thanks to the generosity of several of our donors.

Phase II, a $1,500,000 effort, is now in progress and will fund a thoughtfully designed enclosure of the Phase I arena. This enclosure will allow SR to accommodate the expanded programming needs of the Wood River Valley on a year-round basis, regardless of weather. The environmentally sensitive design will allow for open sides in the summer. Letting the breezes through while still providing shade from the hot Bellevue sun is imperative to keeping our riders comfortable. The expanded size of the enclosed facility menas that even in the cold snow of winter, SR will be able to provide the long lines and space required to fully benefit the ranch’s higher-needs riders. These benefits to the riders, combined with more effective scheduling capabilities and ability to reduce the waiting list, will help Swiftsure Ranch be the best facility of its kind.

Thanks to a generous lead gift, full participation of the SR Board of Directors and staff, and the generosity of the SR community, the Campaign of Swiftsure is well on its way to raising the $1,500,000 needed for Phase II. Our current status is that $604,000 has already been raised. An additional $300,000 has been pledged as a matching grant, meaning we need to raise $596,000 to meet our goal. We hope you will help us close the gap and complete Phase II of the Campaign for Swiftsure!

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Capital Campaign Letter