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This gift could be the most important one you give this holiday season.

In therapeutic riding, horses facilitate postural control, balance and motor sensory stimulation, which cannot be recreated in a traditional therapy setting. Riders combine physical activity, cognitive stimulation and emotional connection with the horse to overcome extreme mental and physical challenges, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental delay, Down Syndrome, mental and emotional disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, depression, ADHD, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease. Swiftsure offers 3,108 lessons per year, all at no cost to the participant. Your generous support makes this unique and effective therapy possible.

Your Donation

  • Price: $15.00
    On average, each horse eats 2 bales of hay a week. Your bale of hay might not seem like much, but every straw counts, especially to our 1000 lb. therapists!
  • Price: $25.00
    Most of horses need additional vitamins & nutrients to keep them health & happy!
  • Price: $60.00
    Helmets are a very important and necessary part of riding safely. Since their life span is only 5 years we are continually needed to purchase new ones for our riders.
  • Price: $75.00
    Give the of gift of comfortable riding boots for our riders.
  • Price: $135.00
    Swiftsure Ranch serves over 100 weekly riders year round. Sponsor a rider and give them the gift of a weekly therapeutic riding lesson.
  • Price: $485.00
    You can give the gift of ultimate health and well-being with a saddle that will provide optimal physical support for both horse and rider.
  • Price: $1,200.00
    Swiftsure Ranch serves over 100 riders a week. Sponsor a rider and give them gift of session of riding lessons.
  • Price: $3,600.00
    Swiftsure Ranch serves over 100 riders a week. Sponsor a rider and give them gift of a year of riding lessons.
  • Price: $10,000.00
    We are always looking for new horses to join our wonderful herd. Give the gift of a new partner to join us in making magic everyday!
  • $0.00
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    Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
GivingTuesday equine therapy
GivingTuesday equine therapy

About us

Swiftsure Ranch Therapeutic Equestrian Center is a nonprofit 501(c)3 with the mission to provide equine-assisted activities and therapies that encourage the physical, mental and emotional well-being of children and adults with disabilities and challenges.