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Swiftsure Ranch Clinic with Dana Lovell Running T Horsemanship

Dana Lovell, Running T Horsemanship Clinic

November 19–21 // 3 days of clinics  

Passion • Balance • Purpose

Dana Lovell is an accomplished horsewoman with a diverse background in English and Western disciplines. She understands the success and joy that exists between horse and handler when the partnership is based on clear communication, understanding, and mutual trust. Her passion is to help others achieve a deeper level of connection with their horse by teaching effective methods with an understanding of biomechanics, the horse’s perspective with a “whole horse approach.” Dana strives to continue her own education through different avenues and recognizes that horsemanship is a never-ending odyssey. With her unique style and authentic exuberance, she enjoys passing her knowledge and experience on to others.

Dana’s clinics provide an engaging environment to further your horsemanship regardless of your discipline or level of experience. 

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Finessing Feel / 9AM – 12PM  

9 a.m. -12 p.m. sessions
$200 / session
Intimate Class size of 4-6 participants

I strongly believe that with the right support, experiences, and consciousness we can finesse our “feel” and strengthen our timing. Like learning to dance. Through supportive coaching, breaking it down into little steps and with practice, fumbling can become fancy footwork that flows.

This clinic is for those that want to become more confident in their timing while finessing their feel.

With knowledge and application comes confidence, and with confidence comes convicted direction. Our horses are more willing when our direction is clear and concise. Our horses believe us when there is clarity in our boundaries. Our horses are motivated when there is a consistent “good deal.”

This morning class will be on the ground with conscious horsemanship and body control exercises that will facilitate softness and connection physically and mentally for both you and your horse.

What to bring

  • a halter and 12-foot lead
  • a short stick/whip (dressage, buggy) is ideal.
  • you will be unsaddled

We can make a lot of things happen with our horse but what was the quality of the maneuver? What was my horse’s mental state? Was he relaxed? How did he feel about doing it? Was he present and responding or was he reacting to meet an end? Learn how to tell.

We will discuss the psychological and physiological responses of the horse and how this information can help us to better communicate with our horses and solidify what we teach. We can influence the horse’s body but are we engaging the horse’s mind?

Regardless of your experience or discipline, this clinic will enhance what you already do and will expand your toolbox.

Recess In The Ring / 1PM – 4PM  

1 p.m.- 4 p.m. Sessions
$225 / session
Intimate Class size of 4-6 participants

Strengthen your connection and communication by riding with a purpose. Through fun and engaging ridden exercises, utilizing poles, cones, and barrels, you will gain a better understanding of the how, why, and when.

By becoming aware and understanding not only how our physical position affects our horse but how our energetic projection affects them, we can strengthen our “feel” and timing under saddle. We can help our horse learn to respond instead of reacting by being consistent, predictable, and reliable with our direction and reward.

The “yes” is just as important as the “no.” By focusing on the yes and learning how to offer our horse a “good deal,” we can improve the quality of our ride time.

Whether you are working with a younger horse or refining an older horse, and regardless of your discipline, our time together will help you better understand the fundamentals that will achieve a more supple, willing, and responsive horse, mentally and physically.

A simple shift in thought and intention can change the entire perspective of your partnership and set you up for success.